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  • Welcome Page


    Step into the virtual realm of knowledge and exploration! We extend a warm welcome to our online library—a sanctuary for readers, researchers, and lifelong learners. Here, you have access to a vast repository of digital books, journals, and resources that cater to a spectrum of interests and academic pursuits.

    Whether you're seeking the latest bestseller, conducting research for a project, or simply looking to expand your intellectual horizons, our online library is your gateway to a world of information. Navigate through our user-friendly platform, explore diverse genres, and discover the wealth of knowledge waiting at your fingertips.

    Feel free to immerse yourself in the joy of reading, engage in scholarly pursuits, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for learning. Our online library is not just a collection of books; it's a digital haven for curiosity, imagination, and intellectual growth.

    • General References

      Welcome to the General Reference Books! This library provides access to a wide range of reference resources, including encyclopedias, dictionaries, almanacs, and other authoritative sources of information. Whether you are a student, researcher, or simply someone who wants to learn more about a particular topic, this library is a valuable resource.

      General reference books are essential tools for research and learning. They provide overviews of topics, definitions of terms, and lists of facts and statistics. They can be used to get a basic understanding of a new subject, to find specific information, or to verify facts.

      We encourage you to explore the Online Library for General Reference Books and to use its resources to learn and grow. We believe that everyone deserves access to information, and we are committed to making this library a valuable resource for all users.

    • Fictional Books and Stories Section

      Welcome to the online library of fictional books and stories! This library is a collection of works of fiction from all over the world, and from all different time periods. We have everything from classic novels to modern short stories, and from fantasy to science fiction.

      Fiction is a powerful form of storytelling that can transport us to other worlds, help us understand ourselves and others better, and simply entertain us. It can also be a source of inspiration and hope.

      We believe that everyone should have access to great fiction, regardless of their location or financial situation. That's why we created this online library, where anyone can access thousands of fictional books and stories for free.

    • DepEd Learning Resources

      The Department of Education (DepEd) is committed to providing all Filipino learners with access to quality education. To support this commitment, DepEd has developed a wide range of learning resources, aligned with the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs), to meet the needs of all learners.

      To make these learning resources more accessible and equitable, DepEd has developed the Online Library for DepEd Learning Resources. This online library provides learners, teachers, and school administrators with free access to a variety of learning resources, including:

      • Digital textbooks and workbooks
      • Interactive learning modules
      • Videos, audio recordings, and images
      • Assessment tools
      • Other supplementary learning materials

      The Online Library for DepEd Learning Resources is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Learners can search for resources by grade level, subject area, or keyword. Teachers can create and share personalized learning playlists with their students. School administrators can track student usage and progress.

      DepEd believes that the Online Library for DepEd Learning Resources will be a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the Philippine education system. It will help to ensure that all learners have access to the learning resources they need to succeed.

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    • DepEd Modules and LEAP

      The Department of Education (DepEd) Online Library is a digital repository of DepEd Modules and LEAP materials. It is a free and accessible resource for all DepEd learners, teachers, and school administrators. The library provides a variety of resources, including:

      • DepEd Modules: These are self-learning modules that cover the K to 12 curriculum. They are designed to help learners learn independently, at their own pace.
      • LEAP Materials: These are learning enrichment activities that are designed to supplement DepEd Modules. They provide learners with opportunities to practice what they have learned and to explore new concepts.

      NOTE: You must login as user or create an account to access DepEd Modules and LEAP.

    • Lesson Exemplar

      The Department of Education (DepEd) Lesson Exemplar Online Library is a digital repository of lesson exemplars that are aligned with the DepEd K to 12 Curriculum Guide. It is a one-stop shop for teachers to access, download, and use lesson exemplars in their classrooms.

      This online library was developed in response to the need for teachers to have easy access to high-quality lesson exemplars. In the past, teachers had to rely on their own personal collections, colleagues, or the DepEd website to find lesson exemplars. This was often time-consuming and difficult, as it was not always easy to find lesson exemplars that were aligned with the curriculum or that were appropriate for the specific needs of their students.

      NOTE: You must login as user or create an account to access Lesson Exemplar.

    • Learning Activity Sheets

      Welcome to the online library for Learning Activity Sheets (LAS)! This library is a comprehensive resource for LAS for all subjects and grade levels, from elementary to high school. LAS are educational materials that provide students with engaging and hands-on activities to help them learn and practice new concepts.

      This online library was created to make it easy for students and teachers to find high-quality LAS. All of the LAS in the library have been reviewed and approved by experienced educators, so you can be confident that they are accurate and aligned with curriculum standards.

      The library is easy to use. You can browse the LAS by subject, grade level, or keyword. You can also search for LAS based on specific learning objectives. Once you find a LAS that you like, you can download it in PDF format or print it directly from the website.

      NOTE: You must login as user or create an account to access Learning Activity Sheets.

    • Weekly Home Learning Plan

      Restricted Not available unless: You Login as User or Create an Account. Then use our search engine to find your desired resources.
    • Daily Lesson Log (DLL)

      Welcome to the Department of Education's Daily Lesson Log (DLL) platform! As an essential component of our commitment to providing quality education, the DLL serves as a comprehensive record of daily teaching and learning activities. This tool enables educators to plan, monitor, and assess lessons effectively, ensuring a dynamic and engaging classroom experience for students. The DLL is designed to support teachers in aligning their instructional strategies with the curriculum, fostering a conducive environment for continuous improvement. Let's embark on this journey of educational excellence together!

      NOTE: You must login as user or create an account to access Daily Lesson Log (DLL).

    • Computer-Assisted Reading

      In this activity you should read a passage out loud. You may be required to test your microphone first. You should see the audio recorder below. After you have started recording the reading passage will appear. Read the passage aloud as clearly as you can.

      If you want to add your own Passage in this Interactive Reading Activity, submit it here.

    • 3D Models

      This collection of 3D models has been curated to provide a valuable resource for scientists, engineers, educators, and students. The models cover a wide range of topics, including:

      • Anatomy and physiology: 3D models of the human body and its organs and systems can be used for medical education, research, and surgical planning.
      • Biology: 3D models of plants, animals, and microorganisms can be used for biological research and education.
      • Chemistry: 3D models of molecules and crystals can be used for chemical research and education.
      • Engineering: 3D models of machines, devices, and structures can be used for engineering design, prototyping, and manufacturing.
      • Physics: 3D models of physical systems, such as atoms, planets, and galaxies, can be used for physics research and education.

      We hope that this collection of 3D models will be a valuable resource for the scientific and technological community. We encourage you to explore the collection, download the models that you need, and use them for your research, education, and creative projects.

    • School Archives

      Welcome to the School Archives, a treasury of our institution's rich history and accomplishments. As we embark on a journey through time, these archives serve as a testament to the milestones, achievements, and cherished memories that define our school. Join us in preserving the legacy, celebrating successes, and reliving the moments that have shaped our educational community. Explore the pages of our past and present, where each chapter unfolds a story of growth, learning, and the enduring spirit of our school community.